Kit Kemp’s designs provide a vibrant and chintzy setting for guests of the Firmdale hotel group. The self taught designer started Firmdale hotels with her husband Tim and the pair have since acquired 8 boutique venues, offering privacy and eclectic charm right in the middle of London and New York.
Kemps really know how to mix around colors and patterns, taking elements which have no right to be mixed and somehow coming out with dazzling and harmonious designs that will challenge you and win you over.

Kit Kemp at the Crosby Street hotel

For a perfect example, have a look at the Covent Garden’s Drawing room. The fireplace, oil paintings and wood panelling give it a traditional tone but adding the quirky pastel colored couch flips your perception around and turns the whole thing into art. The Haymarket hotel’s Library is a daring play of colors and dazzling doesn’t even begin to cover how this feels, but behind all the playfulness lies a master’s touch. Like naughty school children the colors clash and collide with each other , but Kemp somehow manages to calm them down and combines them into one truly stunning room.

Any Firmdale hotel is sure to explode your senses and give you a chilled out atmosphere for your holidays. If you want a perfect base of operation for your shopping sprees and general activity in London, you can be sure that Kit Kemp has the perfect vibe waiting for you when you get back.

Crosby Street Hotel - New York

Drawing Room - Haymarket Hotel

Charlotte Street Hotel - Lobby

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