The perfect stay in a luxury hotel is the enjoyment of an art form that is centuries old and we are the judges of its perfection. The chef who applies the finishing touches on a dish, the barman who serves up a perfectly balanced cocktail, the expert advice of a sommelier; all are artisans that combine their passion and craft to create, what we consider to be, a masterpiece.

Today we are honoring an artist that gives the Four Seasons Hotel George V a wow factor that is decidedly unique. For years now, Jeff Leatham’s floral arrangements have contributed to the guest experience of this Parisian palace and given the world of design a fresh look on the beauty of flowers…so much so that the “Leatham effect” is now very much an integral part of the Four Seasons Hotel George V’s soul.

The “hotel of flowers” dazzles with splashes of color and eccentric arrangements that make for a Hansel and Gretel feel for the guests as they follow lines of Vanda orchids, roses and even banana leaves to every section of the hotel. No expenses are spared as 14,000 flowers are ordered every week for a brand new floral design, making sure that you are never treated to the same scenery twice. Jeff’s passion will really liven up your stay at the Four Seasons Hotel George V. Even if you you’re not booking for the night, just walk through the doors and witness the beauty of this one of a kind artist.

Floral Arrangements by Jeff Leatham at the Four Seasons Hotel George V

Jeff Leatham Shares Tips For Finding The Perfect Floral Arrangement

Photos Credit : Jeff Leatham –

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