Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires; A Grande Dame Revamped


Centering a hotel’s design around an equine theme may seem like a recipe for pure kitsch, but pairing the sport of kings with the Four Seasons’ natural flair for the luxurious and elegant proved to be just what the doctor ordered to spruce up this grand dame of Buenos Aires hotels.

While the idea of the Four Seasons city hotels in Americas may at first conjure up images of luxurious but somewhat impersonal corporate hotels, the newly renovated Buenos Aires branch does its best to disperse such notions.

Walking into the new lobby feels like a fresh and completely unique experience; gone is the standard furniture in varying shades of beige accompanied by a side of formality. In its place now stands an ode to the bustling city the hotel stands imposingly in, from the distinctive and vibrant notes of blue representative of the city’s skyline to carefully chosen artworks by local artists and the custom Bayo scent created by perfume masters Fueguia 1883.

Everything is thoughtfully chosen to imbue the spirit of Buenos Aires into every nook and cranny, allowing you to experience the city in every aspect of the hotel.

One of two restaurants on offer, Elena, is a perfect continuation of this with its old school vibe meeting modern elegance evocative of the chef’s choice to return to traditional Argentinian cuisine with a twist. If you’re more in the mood for a casual hangout then look no further than the Pony Line bar. Catering to a younger demographic, the bar offers a refined-with-an-edge background in which to enjoy its artisanal beers, impressive wine lists and array of nibbles to share with friends before heading out to lose yourself in the hotel’s sumptuous gardens or simply relax in your newly refurnished suite.

The attention to detail, and fervor for letting the Argentinian culture filter through sets the Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires apart, providing the perfect haven to retreat to for your South American adventures.

Owner Suite Living Room Pony Line Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires

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